Jim Zappi, PE

Founder and CEO

Jim Zappi is proud to be a life-long resident of Westchester County. His engineering license has enabled him to work at his passion-developing communities from scratch. He has been designing and constructing neighborhoods in Westchester for over 30 years. He purchases raw land and works with local towns to develop communities that recreate each unique sense of place. His subdivisions boost affordable housing, conservation easements and parks and are designed to be neighbor friendly. Jim refuses to be a typical contractor, as he works hands-on with each project, overseeing every detail on a daily basis.

John Scagnelli

John started working with Jim in the early 1990's and has over 20 years of experience in the home building industry. As president, John oversees all Zappico operations and directly manages our corporate financial accounts. Upon purchasing a home with us you will get to work with John throughout the whole process, turning your dream home into a reality. His experience is only surpassed by his will to keep our homeowners happy. He is also a graduate of Holy Cross in Massachusetts.

Brian Zappi, PE

Consulting Vice President

Brian is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, MA, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering. Brian's major responsibilities are designing future communities for Zappico. His passion is designing communities with the Environment in mind. The philosophy is to create "open space" environmentally friendly subdivisions while creating a community feel.

Brandon Zappi, PE

Consulting Vice President

Brandon is a graduate of Manhattan College, where he earned his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. His hands-on approach, and aptitude for business has helped him structure and close tens of millions of dollars of Zappico deals. With experience in raw land purchasing, complete house plan and site plan development and everything in between, Brandon is skilled beyond his years in business dealings, particularly in real estate.

Brianna Zappi

Director of Sales and Marketing

Brianna is a graduate from Pace University with a Bachelors of Science Degree.  Along with her degree, Brianna is also a Registered Nurse.  She has a passion for helping customers design and build their dream homes.  Growing up in a home-building family, she's been surrounded by it her whole life. Brianna has a keen sense of creativity and design, and possesses the skills to turn your dreams into reality. When buying a home from ZappiCo, Brianna will walk you through the entire process, making it as easy as possible. Call Brianna to set up an appointment now!

Alexandra Soukas

Project Engineer

Ally is a graduate of Manhattan College, where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. Her experience encompasses land development engineering, construction management and design. Her passion for residential development and her attention to detail enables her to proactively identify issues that could arise and facilitate solutions.

Jane Abbate

Real estate salesperson, houlihan lawrence

As Zappico's Exclusive Listing Agent, Jane has represented Zappico's homes for many years.  Like the other members of the Zappico team, Jane is involved from the inception of each home. Her local real estate knowledge and expertise in design, sales and marketing has contributed to the success of Zappico's homes.  


Office Manager

Maria is the main driving force behind all of our corporate accounting and insurance. Her office management skills, go-getter attitude and personable charisma are fundamental to keeping all of the office operations running smoothly.  

Nicholas fusco, ait and associate aia

architectural project manager

Nick earned a Master's of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston,MA, and his involvement encompasses all aspects of our projects, from site development and landscape design, to structural and aesthetic design. Nick combines his artistic background, formal education of 10+ years of field experience to critically examine site elements and regulatory compliance, while designing beautiful homes that exude character and maintain building efficiency. 

Ken Patterson

Field Expert

Ken has been working with Jim since he graduated college over 20 years ago! Ken has a bachelor degree in landscape architecture from Syracuse University which gives him a unique perspective on home design and site layouts. He's done it all and oversees all of the field work performed by Zappico. Ken has vast experience in field operations, construction, and home design.

Carlos Morales

Project Engineer

Carlos is a recent graduate of Manhattan College, where he earned his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Carlos has his hands full designing new house plans, laying out subdivision communities, and managing some of the various projects we always have going on. On top of that, he's always thinking of new ways to make our homes even more energy efficient than they are already.


About us:

 Zappico does more than just build your homes - we build your communities.  As a local community developer, Zappico has received various awards over the past quarter century.  Zappico has separated itself from the rest of the pack in new home construction through overwhelming dedication to each and every home we build. Refusing to conform to mediocrity, we make perfection a standard part of the production process, thus enhancing the value of each home up for sale.  



Everyone knows that the three most important aspects concerning the purchase of real estate are location, location and location. That’s why we go through such great lengths securing only the most suitable parcels of land to host our neighborly communities.  High quality school districts are among our top priorities, but we also carefully consider the character of the local towns when choosing the right piece of land. Our in-house engineers work with our home buyers to carefully design their award-winning homes. Or bring your own plans, and we can build your dream home in any one of our communities!